To properly implement the senior secondary mathematics Curriculum, there is the need for you to understand the curriculum in terms of the structure, rationale, general objectives, what is revised in the curriculum and the implications of the mathematics curriculum on teaching-learning process. This paper is prepared to address that.


Rationale for the new curriculum

  • To Ensure Smooth Transition From Secondary Level to Tertiary Level of Mathematics Curriculum: The revised senior secondary mathematics is designed to bridge the transition gap between secondary and tertiary mathematics curriculum. For example, the old has no basic calculus contents, products of the old when they enter the tertiary institutions find calculus and other such topics like logic difficult to understand . in the new curriculum, differentiation and integration of algebraic functions and all other such topics that will ensure smooth transition to tertiary mathematics curriculum have therefore been introduced.
  • To correct some Deficiencies in the Contents of the Old Curriculum: Some topics have been infused in the old curriculum to correct certain content deficiencies. Mathematics in general involves reasoning in a logical and consistent manner based on given premise. Theorems and their proofs in mathematics are based on logic. Yet the old curriculum did not include fundamentals of logical reasoning. The implication is that most of the products of old curriculum had ¬†difficulties understanding proofs, arguments and reasoning.

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